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Kenny and Helen in The Isle of Bute part 2.

The weather today (24th September 2018) was a bit changeable with intermittent showers, so we decided on a little site seeing and then find a good beach for Bandit to have a good runaround.

We went on a drive North along the A844 road from Rothesay towards Ardbeg and Port Bannatyne which are only a few miles away.

View from Port Bannatyne

View from Port Bannatyne

We then drove along the A886 towards the Rhubodach Ferry terminal.

View towards Rhubodach Ferry

View towards Rhubodach Ferry terminal

The ferry takes you across to Colintraive on The Kyles of Bute

Rhubdach Ferry (Loch Dunvegan)

Rhubodach Ferry named (Loch Dunvegan) to Colintraive

Helen wae her WEE Auld Mammy

Helen & mum Frances (in summer gear) Rhubodach.

The views from the ferry terminal are beautiful.

Rhubonach area

View from Rhubodach Ferry terminal.

Rhubodach Ferry wiff Cruiser

Ferry in terminal at Colintraive.

We then turned around as the A886 ends at the Rhubanoch ferry terminal. We travelled back to towards Port Bannatyne but stopped for a picture of these 2 beautiful beasts.

Highland Coos Rhubodach area Isle o Bute

2 Highland Coos

We turned right at Port Bannatyne onto the A884 travelled a few miles and turned right at the road sign for Etterick Bay, where oor Bandit finally got his beach runaround.


Helen n Bandit Ettrick Bay

Helen n Bandit at Etterick Bay

As you can see from the picture above Bandit already had his runaround 🤗There is a small cafe with toilets at the beach front and some Pods at the rear for hire.

Lodges Etterick Bay 2

Pods behind cafe at Etterick Bay

A historic event & achievement took place on  this beach in September 1910. Andrew Blain Baird, flew a monoplane of his own design and making.Etterick Bay Andrew Blain Baird

Before we left Etterick Bay I managed to capture Helen wae her mum & (the elusive) dad.

Wilkies Etterick Bay

Bert, Helen, Frances (The Wilkies)  at Etterick Bay.

We headed back towards Rothesay town as we were all getting hungry, especially oor Bandit boy. After we were all fed and settling doon for the night, a low moon appeared just above Rothesay Bay and gave us an early evening glow from our Bay window.

Night Moon over Rothesay Bay

Early evening moonlit Rothesay Bay

By Kenny Armet .



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  1. Thanks Bernie.
    Likewise I have the cold at the moment, but up early and got some pics this morning of a Robin etc whilst walking Bandit.
    Hooe you feel better soon.

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