Poetry Corner: Silence

On this day 30th September 1955 US actor James Dean died as the result of a car accident. He was 24.

James Dean

He also wrote poetry.

Silence by James Dean

Sat here, silence, that’s all I hear.
Pen in one hand, no eyes nor ears.
A place forgotten by time.
Which can only be ventured by crime.
Something precious which I don’t possess.
I wish that I could call someone my own, I confess.
If you read this I hope you learn,
That life should be enjoyed, you should yearn
For education, not condemnation.
Believe in something, believe in you,
Because no matter what you’ve been through
You can progress, you can succeed.
Spread you genes, let them secede.
You’re not the only one, you’re not alone.
This is not the case for me, I cannot atone.
I sit here, silence, that’s all I hear.
I hope I can stay, but now one must disappear.


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