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Island Campuses Come Out Tops

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) has announced its 2018 Student of the Year winners, with all three of its top awards going to students who were enrolled at island campuses.

Rhea Kay from Shetland College UHI

Higher Education Student of the Year

Rhea Kay (23) from Whalsay, Shetland, recently completed the university’s BA (Hons) in contemporary textiles. She was nominated for the Student of the Year award in recognition of her exceptional academic achievement, professional attitude  and  creativity.

Rhea Kay

Rhea Kay with University of the Highlands and Islands deputy principal, Professor Crichton Lang, and Willie Shannon, Joint Principal (Interim)

Faye Hackers,Contemporary textiles programme leader, said:

“Rhea has been an excellent student – she is hard working, good in a team, has strong creative ideas and is focused on contemporary design trends.

“She’s been recognised in national competitions, secured placements with commercial companies and represented the university at the New Designers Graduate Fair in London.

“She is also a great example of progression within the college, showing the opportunities available in Shetland, having come through our vocational programme while still at school, progressing onto our NC art and design course then graduating with a first class honours degree.”

 Rhea said:

“I feel quite overwhelmed, but also very grateful to have been awarded with these two awards. As a creative, the chance to explore and develop my skills within such a supportive  and inspiring place as Shetland has been really important to me both personally and professionally. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout the years!”

 A bruidhinn air a duais thuirt Rhea:

“Is mi tha aoibhneach fhèin, ach taingeil cuideachd, gun deach an dà dhuais seo a bhuileachadh orm. Agus mi nam ealantair cruthachail, is mòr am math a rinn e dhomh, gu pearsanta is gu proifeiseanta an dà chuid, cothrom a bhith agam mo sgilean fhidreadh is a leasachadh ann an àite a bheir taic is spreigeadh cho mòr is a bheir Sealtainn. Mo bhuidheachas mòr do gach uile duine a chuidich leam fad nam bliadhnaichean!”

James Ellsmoor, a distance-learning student who was enrolled at Orkney College UHI

Postgraduate Student of the Year 

James Ellsmoor (25) from Shropshire graduated from the university’s island studies MLitt last month. He completed the course as a distance-learning student enrolled at Orkney College UHI’s Institute of Northern Studies and was commended for this academic and entrepreneurial abilities.

James Ellsmoor

James Ellsmoor with The Princess Royal, chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands

Dr Andrew Jennings, a lecturer at the Institute, said:

“James has been an excellent student who achieved high grades while travelling the world pursuing his career.

“Despite being only 25, he is the co-founder and director of Solar Head of State, a non-profit organisation which works with small island communities to promote solar energy.

“He partnered with the Jamaican government to install solar panels on government buildings in Kingston and has spoken at conferences in Hawaii, Bermuda, Japan, Haiti and Mallorca. James is a high-flyer destined to achieve great things.”

James said:

“I am delighted to have won this award! It has really been an honour to represent the university’s academic programme at international events and tell people about the importance of both the island studies programme and the university’s unique distance learning methods.”

Thuirt James, “Tha mi anabarrach fhèin toilichte gun do choisinn mi an duais seo! Is e fior urram a bh’ ann a bhith a’ riochdachadh prògram acadaimigeach an oilthigh aig tachartsasan eadarnàiseanta agus a bhith ag innse do dhaoine cho cudromach is a tha an dà chuid am prògram eòlas eileanach agus modhan ionnsachaidh air astar an oilthigh a tha gun choimeas”

Crisdean Saunders from Lews Castle College UHI

Further Education Student of the Year

Crisdean Saunders (27) from Stornoway,  has completed a horticultural employability programme at Lews Castle College UHI. He was nominated for the Further Education Student of the Year award by his tutor, David Bell.

Crisdean Saunders

Crisdean Saunders receiving his award from University of the Highlands and Islands principal and vice-chancellor, Professor Clive Mulholland

David Bell said:

“Crisdean approached us in 2016 as he was looking for something to do following a period of inactivity. He decided to join the horticulture course to enhance the possibility of securing employment.

“Crisdean proved to have a great interest in horticulture, always asking questions to further his knowledge. He would take in seeds and cuttings and grow them with great success and was happy to help others and take on leadership roles.

“He has now secured a job setting up allotments in a village not far from where he stays and helping older people to grow vegetables – a fantastic achievement!”

Crisdean said:

“When I was told I won this award I was very surprised. I started the course as something to do and didn’t expect to find a job or to win any awards.”

Thuirt Crisdean: “Nuair a chaidh innse dhomh gun do bhuannaich mi an duais seo bha mi air leth iongantach. Thòisich mi air a ‘chùrsa mar rud ri dhèanamh agus cha robh dùil agam obair fhaighinn no duaisean sam bith a bhuannachadh. “

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