Poetry Corner: Let’s Do It In The Morning

By Richard Wallace

I used to dance on table tops,

I was just a dancing fool.

Now I’m doing exercises

in the local pool.

I don’t stay out like I used to do

so I’ll give you my fair warning.

If we can’t wrap it up by nine o’clock

Let’s do it in the morning.


There was a time when I could work all day,

I couldn’t wait to play all night.

When I saw that things were going south

Chives Regal made it right.

Now, if it’s your idea to party hard

I’ll give you my fair warning.

If you’re feeling frisky

like you want to get wrecked,

let’s do it in the morning.


I met the hottest girl, in a local bar,

she was a sight to see.

When she said she’d “never done this before”

I thought ‘you could have fooled me’.

As the night progressed I thought it best

to give her my fair warning.

If you’re feeling lucky,

like to jump my bones,

let’s do it in the morning.


Now that’s freedom!

old people dancing

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    • Wow Bernie, loved your little poem. Weren’t those the days. Great memories but oh, what a lot of work. My wife and I are home from a great 10 days in Iceland. The weather behaved perfectly. We went on two tours, the South/West Tour and the Golden Circle tour. What sights.
      Iceland is not as expensive as our friends said it would be and I thought, Watch This!. We took some groceries with us, Kraft Dinner etc. stayed out of restaurants and bought our food at the Bonus Grocery Store and all in all we spent under $90.00 CDN for 10 days in Reykjavik. Noew doesn’t that just do your good old Scottish heart proud. It doesn’t cost anything to walk along the ocean (both directions) and explore the town….loved the wind and the rain…
      Thank you for keeping in touch with me. I love your comments…Richard

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