Orkney Features in World Food Atlas

World’s first food atlas has been launched at www.tasteatlas.com.

The idea of the atlas is to promote “eat local” culture, as well as to inform travelers and food lovers about local ingredients and traditional dishes from all around the world.

The atlas contains almost 10,000 dishes, drinks, ingredients and food products.

TasteAtlas contains 4 dishes from Orkney  and one dish from Scotland. It also includes 38 authentic restaurants in Scotland.

Dishes from Orkney  – include clapshot, Orkney Beef, Orkney Lamb and Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar. The last 3 have protected named status from the EU for which there is no replacement so far once Brexit takes place

world food atlas


You can find the ones for the whole of Scotland at: What and Where to eat in Scotland


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