More Dances:The Boston Two-Step &The Dashing White Sergeant

By Bernie Bell

“I likes to dance and tap my feet, but they won’t keep in rhythm.  You see, I washed them both today, and I can’t do nothin’ with ‘em.”  From Disney’s ‘Snow White & The Seven Dwarves’.


A Highland Dance by David Allan

 The Boston Two-Step

Stand facing each other, and holds hands, across the space in between. (Aaaaaah). Step sideways to the right, along the line of the dance, one step , two steps, then kick opposite feet, out sideways – not each others!  Reverse.  Quick waltz round. There you go!

The direction ‘one step, two steps’ reminds me of….”Round and round the garden, like a teddy-bear, one step, two steps, then tickle under there!”.  Tickling isn’t advised, whilst dancing.  Might be fun, though. A new dance step – The Tickle.

The Dashing White Sergeant

The ‘man’ stands in the middle of two ‘ladies’ (lord, I could get into bother for this terminology!).  Holding hands, they circle to the left for 8 beats, then back again. The ’man’ sets  ( that means a kind of little skippy step) to the lady on his right, twice, then right-hand turns with her.  He then sets to the lady on his left, twice, then they left hand turn.  The three people, dance round each other in a figure of eight, clasping hands as they pass each other, and the man should end up in the middle again. They dance forward in a row, holding hands, then back again, then forward again, going under the arms/over the heads of the row of people opposite.  And, keep on doing that, until the music stops!



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