Do You Want To Discover Your Family History?

The Generation Frame : Unique Stories from Ordinary Scots Families

Tree Dna Education Family FrameFinestripe Productions are producing a brand new series for BBC Scotland and they’re interested in hearing from people keen to discover the secrets of their family history.

They are looking for people from all over Scotland to take part in a new series, The Generation Frame, which aims to delve into unique and interesting family histories over the last 150 years.

The production team are particularly interested in revealing the  stories behind ordinary families in Scotland  and are  looking for those who might not know much about their family history yet but would be excited at the prospect of finding out about their family’s origins, the lifestyles of their ancestors, and the events that shaped them.

They are  extremely keen to reach out to people living in or connected to Orkney in particular.

A spokesperson for Finestripe said:

“We want to journey through time and history with you to see how and where your family lived, what events happened during their lifetime and what life was like for them.

“How did your family come to be what it is today? What legacy did your relations leave behind and how has it shaped the way your family lives today?”

If you’d like to explore your family history; or just want to hear more about the show,  please contact

DATA PROTECTION – The Producer is committed to ensuring that your personal information is held securely and only used for the purposes of assessing you as a possible contributor to the Series. The personal information we collect from you will be held on a third party server secured with password protection and access limited to authorized personnel.

For more information please visit:

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