Dodgy Emails in Your Inbox?

emailDodgy emails have been arriving in some Inboxes purporting to be from the Pickquoy Centre. These are not from the Pickquoy Centre but are yet another way thieves are trying to get hold of your data.

Scammers also use phones to attempt to get your confidential data such as your bank details – number spoofing.

The scammers are very plausible and it is easy to be taken in by them.

Trading Standards advises to always be wary about:

  • Being asked to provide any secure information such as your PIN number, account numbers etc by an unsolicited caller
  • Being asked to move money into another account in order to keep it secure
  • Being persuaded not to contact your local branch or to call the bank
  • Being told the number the person is calling from is the same as the number on your card – a genuine caller from your bank would have no need to draw your attention to this.

To report instances of number spoofing contact Action Fraud:www.

If you receive suspect emails  contact the Council’s Trading Standards on 01856 873535

email :


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