Poetry Corner:Grandpa On The Lake

By Richard Wallace

Grandpa On The Lake

When Grandpa takes me fishing

I always take a book.

His line is in the water

but it doesn’t have a hook.


He’s looking at the water

but I don’t see what he sees.

He’s looking at the forest

but there’s nothing there but trees.


He said he saw a moose one day,

the next an elephant.

I had to scrunch my eyes up tight

to see just where they went.


He sees the fish down in the water

and he counts them one, two, three.

Just how he sees to count them

is a mystery to me.


I love to go with Grandpa,

we have sandwiches and cake,

and the fish are always happy

when it’s Grandpa on the lake.

fishing with rod


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  1. Thank you Bernie….that poem pretty much sums up my approach to fishing…I did see a spelling error….see should be sees….as in….How he sees to count them is a mystery to me…thank you again, Richard

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