‘Orkney at Dawn’ – Birdsong, Wind & Waves

By Bernie Bell

Readers of my pieces in TON, will have noticed that I mention Fiona-Next-Door.  Well, she won’t be Fiona-Next-Door for long, as she and husband Trevor are moving South. As a farewell to Orkney, she’s recently been working on a cd – to add to her others! – of birdsong, wind and water. This cd is about be released – nicely in time for Christmas!

Fiona Driver CD coverThe cover is a beautiful image of Gairsay, about 6am, back in June when Fiona was coming back from recording at Woodwick, where she’d  ‘got’ the rooks and the waterfall and the wood pigeons….

For more info, check out her ‘Orkney at Dawn’ website, which also links to Fiona’s other cd’s, her tune books, and photo-cards. www.orkneyatdawn.com

If you’d like to read the stories of how Fiona ‘caught’ the sounds, you could check out her blog about it, which has some great pics, too……….https://www.orkneyatdawn.com/blog


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