Poetry Corner: Life, Through The Eyes Of A Child

By Richard Wallace

One day my Dad went to work

He has a fishing boat.

He is a fisherman.


My Mum didn’t want him to go.

The wind was blowing hard.

Dad said he had to.


He didn’t come home for supper.

At bedtime I went to bed.

He wasn’t home to tuck me in.


He didn’t come home for breakfast.

People came to visit.

They brought a lot of food.


My Mum was sad and started to cry.

I gave her a hug.

I told her everything was all right.


Once when I was sleeping I had a bad dream.

Mum gave me a hug.

She said everything was all right.


I was crying and

she put her arms around me.

Then I went to sleep in her bed.


Mum said that Dad

will be home for supper.

My Mum is happy now.


First he has to go

and see the Doctor.

That won’t take long.


I can’t wait for Dad to come home;.

I missed him.

Now he can tuck me into bed.

seascape  by Petra Jochen Bruckhaus

by Petra Jochen Bruckhaus

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