Be A Wise Owl When Out Christmas Shopping

Christmas owlPolice Scotland have issued advice for shopping at Christmas time – the busiest time of the year for both online and High Street sales.

Cash Machines

Use cash machines in well lit, non-secluded areas and stay alert.  Check the machine hasn’t been tampered with, hide your PIN, be aware of who’s behind you and keep your cash out of view.

Look after your shopping

When you’re out Christmas shopping, you might not realise how much all the presents you’re carrying around are worth – look after your shopping bags and don’t leave them out of your view.

Leaving shopping in your car

If you’re driving to the shops, park your car in a busy, well-lit area. Don’t keep any presents in the car for longer than you have to and always keep them out of view.

Take care of your personal belongings

Ensure your bag is closed and your purse or wallet is not easily accessible when not being used.

Online shopping

When shopping online, make sure your web browser and internet security is up to date.  Check the website payment page is secure and look for the padlock in the address line before you enter any card details.

Mobile phone/Tablet presents

If you’re buying your child a mobile phone or tablet for Christmas, think about how you can keep them safe online.

Don’t make it public your house will be empty

If you are away from home over the Festive Period or even just out and about, be careful about what you say on social networking sites – don’t let thieves know your house will be empty.

Christmas owl

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