Increasing the Diversity of Professionals in the Early Education Sector

The Scottish Government is aiming to encourage a more diverse range of people into choosing the  Early Learning Education sector as a career.

Early Education professionals tend to be female but initiatives from the Scottish Government intend to increase the appeal of the work to more men, people with disabilities and those with language skills, as well as those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Maree Todd, Minister for Children and Young People  in the Scottish Government said:

Maree Todd“A skilled and diverse workforce is key to providing our children with high quality play and learning opportunities in their formative years.

“We are almost doubling the free provision of early learning and childcare from 600 hours per year to 1,140 hours. This gives us a great opportunity to increase the number of minority ethnic childcare staff and to create employment opportunities across the country.

“Working with children in these key early years of their development is incredibly rewarding and this is an exciting time to consider an ELC career.”

The latest project will support those from ethnic minorities to choose Early Learning and has a £140,000 funding package.

In addition to this £50,000 has been put towards the Men in Early Years Challenge Fund.

Encouraging Men into Child Care

childcareFor more information click on the link: Early Learning and Childcare Careers

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