Orkney Octopush Club

By Nick Morrison

The Octopush Club had a training session right after the Public swimming session in the Picky center that your reporter was swimming in. They kindly allowed me to take some pics of them.

Orkney Octopush 1

Octopush is like a cross between ice hockey and water polo. The big difference is that  all the action takes place 2 meters or in some cases 3 meters under water! The Puck weighs 2Kg and if you are hit by it you really know it.  To that end they all wear a mouth guard, they also wear a standard water polo cap to protect the ears from flailing flippers.

Orkney Octopush 3

As a spectator you cannot see much of the action from the side it is reminiscent of a shark feeding frenzy. I would really like to take some pics down there but my camera is not waterproof!

Orkney Octopush 2

Facebook page: Orkney Octopush Club

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