Orkney Free Fringe Festival March 23rd 2019

A taster introduction to an Orkney Free Fringe Festival of theatre, comedy, singer song-writing, spoken word will take place on Saturday March 23rd at the Kirkwall Hotel and Helgis Upstairs at the harbour in Kirkwall.

There will be 15 minute slots which means that performers will be on for just over ten minutes. All performances will be free entry with no charge for those taking part.

 John Casey founder of OFFF said:

‘If you want to take part in the fringe at say the Edinburgh Festival it can cost a lot of money to hire a venue and of course that means a lot of performers can’t afford it. However, the second year I took a show there I took part in the free fringe  and was able to do the whole three weeks.  It was a great experience and made me determined to make free fringe available in Orkney.’

Heimatmann,11:87 Theatre Company at Edinburgh Fringe

It is a chance for local performers and writers to air their work and take part in the unique atmosphere that is the fringe and audiences to see work that that would otherwise not see the light of day.

John Casey said:

“There is no vetting for Orkney Free Fringe festival. No hoops to jump through. Nobody saying No. A true people’s festival. And it’s on our doorstep!

“The arts are an essential part of our island life, music, art, theatre. Being creative is not only fun, but beneficial in so many ways as we know. Some folk are put off by the prospect of having others standing in judgement (and power) over them or their work and Orkney loses out on a deep vein of creativity. A Free Fringe means it is open to all to take part in. It is just the performer(s) and their audience.

“The 15 minute taster slots means that folk can do an excerpt from a play- a reprise of some of the pays at the SDA in February would be fabulous, or plays that have been performed during the previous year. Original Orkney jokes in stand – up comedy are so entertaining, and original songs from singer-songwriters are just wonderful. And wouldn’t it be great to hear stories from older members of our community about the way it was, such richness destined to fade if we don’t grab it now? The list is limitless.”

The theme of the taster is FREEDOM .

“We intend to put on a exhibition on this theme and invite artists to submit their work free. This cross fertilisation is one of the unique things that a free festival fringe has to offer to all who take part. Meeting like-minded creative folk is so stimulating.

“I hope folk will come along to the venues and enjoy the free entertainment and you never know, next time round some may feel like saying YES to taking part themselves.

“What could be better than that?”

To take part in the Orkney Free Fringe e mail:

orkneyfreefringe@outlook.com saying what your show is about so you can be programmed.

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  1. What a great idea, John. And why not? Folk come from far and near to the other festivals – the timing of this, could be a good way to ‘kick off’ the year.
    More power to your elbow.

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