The First Miss World

By Nick Morrison

Actually she was the first Miss Pictures in 1912, which turned into the Miss World contest.

alice lavender lee

Alice Lavender Lee was her stage name and she was a contemporary of Charlie Chaplin and Tyrone Power.

The requirements in 1912 included “of good education” and “sporty” –rowing for example was looked on favorably. The contestant had  also to demonstrate her ability to make her own way in the world.

The prize was £500, a very significant sum in 1912! Alice used this money to buy a boarding house in Scarborough.

Her granddaughter Marie-Claire Rackham-Mann, (a fellow military Veteran) is writing a book about her. A lot is known about her family some of whom were also in theater but little is known about the films Alice Lavender Lee appeared in. It is known that she appeared in a film in 1948 but not much before that.

So this is an appeal for information from Silent film and early talkies buffs. Do you know what she appeared in ? She may also have appeared on stage as some of her family were actors.

So if you have any information about Alice “Lavender Lee” Hyde please get in contact with Marie Claire on Facebook 

or email the Orkney News at:

alice lavender lee newspaper cutting

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