‘The Stromness Dress’!

By Bernie Bell

I receive a catalogue called ‘Culture Vulture’.  It has some covet-able things in it, some so-so things, and some things that you – just wonder about.  It also has a terrible tendency to label things ‘UK Mainland only’.

It is something of an indicator of current trends and tastes – suddenly, all the men were sporting those trim, tidy beards.  It’s divided into sections, such as ‘Provence Kitchen’, ‘Scandinavian Home’, ‘Mediterranean Table, and………’Highlands and Islands’, which, God & St. Kevin help us all, includes a ‘Glendalough Poncho’. I hate to have to tell them this, but Glendalough is in the Republic of Ireland.  Also in this section is………..’The Stromness Dress’!!!!

the stromness dress

Now, this tells me something of how widely-known Orkney is becoming, and I believe that to be a lot to do with the on-going dig at the Ness of Brodgar http://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/  , and how much that has helped to bring Orkney archaeology, and therefore Orkney, to prominence as a place to visit and be aware of, especially among the well-heeled customers of catalogues such as ‘Culture Vulture’.

Bring on the well-heeled! – to help the Orkney economy and donate to Orkney archaeology!

This ad. did tickle me, though – ‘The Stromness Dress’ – who’d a’ thought it?  What next?  The Toab Trousers?  The Birsay Breeks? Or….the Pomona Poncho?

You never know……………..

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