Protecting Our Right To Peaceful Protest

Local MSP John Finnie, who is also the Scottish Greens Justice spokesperson has called on Police Scotland to ensure that the right to protest is “rigorously protected” in light of the “emboldened presence from the far-right on our streets.”

John Finnie raised the issue in writing with the Chief Constable, following concerns raised by the RMT that a group of around 30 people from a far right group targeted a picket at a train station in Manchester.

John Finnie said:

John Finnie“The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to any civilised society. The people of Scotland have long exercised this right, including in protests against the poll tax, nuclear weapons, and illegal wars. Trade Unions must also be allowed to picket peacefully, while fighting to improve conditions for workers.

“The political discourse around Brexit has become toxic, and the far right has become emboldened as a result. We must unite to reject the hate and division sown by far right groups.

“I have written to the Chief Constable seeking his assurance that Police Scotland will rigorously defend the right to peacefully protest, and legally picket, against any attempts by far right groups to break them up.”

You can read John Finnie’s letter here: letter to chief constable police scotland

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  1. Well done by John Finnie in view of the ongoing attack on the Scottish Parliament we must be aware that Westminster will take little note of our concerns. They are making little progress in any direction as it is. rant over!

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