Rosyth “needs large-scale shipbuilding to realise its full potential.”

The GMB union have described the shipbuilding sector as a ‘feast or famine’ industry. The comments come with the announcement of a loss of  150 jobs at Babock Marine in Rosyth,


Gary Cook, GMB Scotland Organiser and Chair of CSEU Scotland  said:

“These redundancies stress the urgent need for the UK Government to ensure the three Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels are built in British shipyards, including Rosyth.

“The wind down of the aircraft carrier contract creates a vacuum at Rosyth with no significant manufacturing orders on the horizon. Let’s be clear what this means: Peak production at Rosyth sustains over 3,800 jobs and generates over £100 million in wages – that’s what’s on the line.

“Maintenance programmes for warships will sustain some levels of employment in future but it’s a feast and famine existence for yards like Rosyth, which needs large-scale shipbuilding to realise its full potential.

“Against the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty, we need our politicians to stand-up for working class shipbuilding communities like Rosyth and they can do this by demanding the UK government award the RFA contracts to British shipyards.”

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  1. Vote NO ti Independence and secure shipbuilding on the Clyde and Scotland, so said the GMB in 2013/14, they were even photographed outside of BAe Shipbuilding, in Glasgow. So GMB, where are all the orders you promised Scottish Shipbuilders. Be sure your lies and false promises will find you out and I just hope the people you duped last time will think very carefully in the coming INDY-REF2????

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