Anaphylaxis Campaign Takes The Everest Challenge

Rupert MacInness

Rupert MacInness

Rupert MacInnes’ and ‘Team Black line’ will be taking on an endurance event to raise money for The Anaphylaxis Campaign and two other charities close to their hearts.

The team, which consists of 5 close friends, including Phil Spencer of ‘Location, Location, Location’ fame, are hard in training for the event.

Rupert has chosen to support The Anaphylaxis Campaign due to the support they give to people with severe allergies, including his daughter Rose.

Here is the story in Rupert’s own words

In just under 6 weeks’ time, I, as a member of Team BlackLineam taking part in an extremely challenging mountain endurance event called Everest in the Alps to raise much needed funds for three fantastic charities.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign – supporting children and families impacted by severe allergies – particularly close to my heart as our eldest daughter Rose has anaphylaxis allergy to nuts and sesame. Donate here.

Rethink Mental Illness – which has the goal for a better life for everyone affected by mental illness. Donate here;

The Brain Tumour Charity – specifically funds raised will be used for research to develop new treatments for children suffering deadly paediatric tumoursDonate here.

Over four days in the Swiss Alps, the team and I, will be attempting to climb the height of Mount Everest (8,848 meters) on skis (using skins and ski crampons).  We expect each day to be at least 10 hours of ascent burning 10,000 calories per day (the equivalent of running 3 back-to-back marathons each day). It will tough and months of training are behind us – but luckily a good few weeks ahead of us to get really ready!

Here is a short video introducing the team and event kindly put together by The Brain Tumour Charity.

All funds you donate will be going directly to the charities to fund their important work as all costs for the event are being met personally by the team or through the very generous sponsorship of BlackLine

Making a donation is easy – please follow the link above to the Just Giving page for the charity to which you would like to donate.

To keep up to date on our progress you can follow us on Instagram or during the event through the Everest in the Alps Live Tracking, starting Tuesday 5th March.

Thanks again so much for your valuable support both for our efforts in getting up the “hill” and these important causes.
Rupert MacInnes and Team Blackline 


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