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On this day in 1472 Orkney and Shetland were given to Scotland by Norway as a dowry payment. Orkney and Shetland are known world wide for their almost constant daylight at midsummer. This is locally known as a time of Simmer Dim. Here is a poem reflecting on that time of year.

Sunset over Kirkwall Bay

27th June 2018

Haem Tochts

Der a ön o haet ida gairden here,
Whaar da sun-flooer proodly staands,
An dark-red roses trowe da green
Laek da lowe fae fiery braands.
Da fruit hings ower da aipple-trees
And da riggs is white wi shaeves,
Fir dis is a place at da Hairst comes til
Or ever da Simmer laeves.
Bit I come in mind o a far-nort Isle
An shön A’ll be settin sail
Til a laand whaar Simmer hoids her face
Wi a silver, asky veil –
Whaar da kokkilurie faas asleep
As da dew at da hömin faas,
An da sea is singin a lullaby
Ida Simmer Dim in Waas.

Whin da lift is black wi thunder-lumps
An da vaanloop sokks da laand,
I kroag inside da window-peen
Wi a book ita my haand.
Da trees is greetin wi da rain
An I tink I wid redder be
Whaar I can see da Sooth-aest wind
Come tearin ower da sea,
Wi da grey lift hingin ower his head
An da flekkit sea below,
An his haands at da reins o da froadin waves
At he’s drivin in da voe;
Whaar you hear da roar o da Sooth-aest gael
An da soond o da brakkin baas,
An da air is filt wi brimmastyooch
Far in ower da riggs in Waas.

You can waander below a röf o trees
At shalters da English laand,
An you can tramp da ceety-streets
Or draa you in an staand
Athin a kirk, an watch da licht
Trowe da graet rose-window dere;
An aa da past is afore your een –
Da strife, da toil, an prayer.
Bit da rose an gold o da sunset sky
Is abön your head at haem,
An da glimmerin mist seems ta say ta you
At da wirld is jöst a draem,
An naethin sall staand at Ragnarök,
Whin da seevent whirlwind blaas,
Bit da kindness an love in human herts
In London – or in Waas.

Written by T A Robertson

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