Poetry Corner: “Let’s not have a sniffle – let’s have a bloody good cry!”

By Bernie Bell

Clancy BrothersMy Mum and Dad, were big fans of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, and  I grew up listening to their music.  I hadn’t heard anything by them, for years. Recently, I got two C.D.’s from the Blue Door charity shop – one of Irish rebel songs, which was a real blast from the past, when I listened to it.

Today, I was doing some ironing – I don’t like housework, so my solution is to put groovy music on, and sing along.  Yesterday was Led Zeppelin Two, while dusting.  Anyhoo – while I was ironing, I listened to the other Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem CD, which consists of the usual traditional songs, and is  great fun!  It begins with a song which I’d forgotten about – I hadn’t forgotten it, just forgotten about it.  When it started, I just  got a big smile on my face, then sang along.

I thought maybe TON readers could do with a smile, in these times, so, here it is………..

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