Runes in Orkney, a Millennium of Writing

Elder Futhark Runes

By ClaesWallin

An exhibition of new research on Runes by UHI PhD Student Andrea Freund opens on Saturday 9th of March at Orkney Museum, Kirkwall.

Andrea  Freund said:

 “I have always been fascinated by runic inscriptions since I saw my first runestone as a child. Now I am lucky enough to do a PhD at the Institute for Northern Studies and Orkney Museum, looking into Orcadian runic inscriptions and what they can reveal about past identities.

“The most striking thing I have found so far is the continued passion people in Orkney have for their runic heritage and how many Orcadians continue to be inspired by it, be it in art, jewellery or knitting.

“Therefore, when it came to creating a temporary exhibition at Orkney Museum as a practical part of my studentship, which is funded by SGSAH (Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities) and University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), I felt it was important to not just show my research about Viking Age and medieval runic inscriptions from Orkney but also include how runes still play a big role here to this day.

“The exhibition shows various inscribed objects that have never been on display before and also includes some antiquarian material that recounts the history of runology as a discipline.”

‘Runes in Orkney, a Millennium of Writing; New Research by Andrea Freund’ runs from 9-30 March. The Orkney Museum is open Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-12.30pm, 1.30pm-5.00pm. Admission is free.

You can check on one of Andrea’s lectures here:  Norse Women in Scotland

Norse women in Scotland 2

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  1. On the front page of the ‘Orcadian’, February 2017, there was a picture of an anti-Trump demostration outside St. Magnus Cathedral. At the left-hand side, there are three smaller pictures. The top one is of a young lad holding a placard with runes on it. Those runes say “Trump is a moron.” I think that’s a hoot! Rune-lore can come in handy.

    I have the picture, if you’d like to see it Andrea, and tried to put it in here, but …it didn’t work.

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