Poetry Corner:Ear Muffs

On this day in  1877 American Chester Greenwood patents earmuffs after inventing them at age 15 and I for one am most grateful during cold winters. These are my favourite pair as they plug into my phone and let me listen to music as I walk. Modelled here by my  53 year old Teddy.

Ear Muffs


I’ve lost my fuzzy earmuffs
Oh no, where did they go
They must be buried in the yard
Beneath the deep white snow

They were, right here, upon my head
I’ve been sledding for so long
Now I have to wait until it melts
Til the robins sing their song

I am looking for spring flowers to bud
This waiting is oh so tough
So I can solve, the mystery of
The missing fuzzy earmuffs

Written by AmyW

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