Orkney Witchcraft Trial Display

The Orkney Library and Archives always has some interesting displays on view throughout the year.

Orkney Library K Armet

Orkney Library and Archive, Kirkwall photo: K Armet

The Kirkwall building has a display commemorating Orkney’s Talking Newspaper, in the foyer.

If you wander upstairs to the Archives there is a World War 1 display and if you saunter further and end up in the Orkney Room you will find one about the Witch Trials which took place in the islands.

Orkney witchcraft display 4

If you have been following the events surrounding the laying of the memorial to the victims of the Orkney Witch Trials it is worth your time to pop up to the Orkney Room to check out the display.

The Archives in Orkney is a rich resource of research material. Many communities envy that we have locally access to such a wonderful amount of material. In so many places public libraries are being limited in their opening hours and even shut down completely. Libraries and locally maintained archives are an incredibly important part of a community where information and books are freely available to all.

 Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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