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  1. What new madness is this?
    I first read of this, this morning on TON.
    We have friends who live near Christchurch.
    I am stunned.
    I’ve emailed to send love and positive thoughts.
    Christchurch was re-building wonderfully after the big earth quakes.
    The people there have a wonderful resilience.
    Earth quakes can’t be helped – this madness, can.
    The resilience will rise, and encompass this madness.

  2. Friend Howard sent us this………..

    “You may have seen this, our prime minister gave a very strong speech last night –
    and put Trump in his place (again):

    He says that New Zealanders pride themselves on being welcoming, and they mean to remain so. That’s the way to conteract the madness – stay true to what’s good in you, and don’t let them make you change that.

  3. ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Amnesty International
    Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 00:27
    Subject: Our Muslim whānau

    Your voice has never mattered more than it does now.

    Please send a message of hope to the New Zealand Muslim community now.

    Our Muslim whānau are hurting. As a nation, we can show that we stand with them.

    From tomorrow, your messages of hope will be shared on billboards, newspapers and websites across the country. They will stand as a testament to the values we hold dear; equality, kindness, unity and love.

    Please share your message of solidarity with the Muslim community.

    So far over 6000 of you have shared your words of hope.

    This enormous outpouring of compassion sends a powerful message that we will not let what happened on Friday tear us apart. Instead, we will join together and show those wanting to divide us that we will choose love over hate, today, tomorrow, forever.

    As the messages are shared nationwide, you can show the Muslim community that we will stand with them, support them and love them as they face their darkest days. Your words may seem little, but they will mean a lot to those who have lost so much.

    Send your message of solidarity

    Through our tears, we can send love, strength and solidarity to those affected.

    Let’s not give extremists the power to change who we are for the worse – let this be a chance for us to grow stronger, more committed to what is important to us, and to create, every single day, the communities that we want to live in.

    Send your message of solidarity. Let the community know that we stand for a nation where kindness, equality, hope and love are not negotiable values, but are at the heart of who we are.

    We make New Zealand what it is. A land of tolerance, respect and openness. This demands that we challenge injustice wherever we see it.

    Now, more than ever, let’s stand together.

    Yes, add my voice

    In hope,

    Tony Blackett
    Executive Director
    Amnesty International New Zealand

    Copyright © 2019 Amnesty International New Zealand. All rights reserved.

    Our mailing address is:
    Amnesty International New Zealand
    PO Box 5300
    Wellesley Street
    Auckland, North Island 1141
    New Zealand

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