Arctic Return Expedition 2019

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“In March 1854, Orcadian explorer John Rae set out from Naujaat (Repulse Bay) in the central Canadian Arctic. Together with the Inuk William Ouligbuck and the Ojibway Thomas Mistegan, Rae discovered both the catastrophe that had engulfed the failed Franklin expedition and the final link in the first navigable Northwest Passage. In doing so, he accomplished one of the most significant expeditions in the history of Arctic exploration.

“In March 2019, the Arctic Return Expedition team will return to Naujaat and embark upon on a 650-kilometre trek across Boothia Peninsula that will follow the route taken by Rae and his indigenous companions.”


John Rae memorial, St Magnus Cathedral (photo D. Gordon E. Robertson)

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  1. It is so wonderful to know that this is now happening.

    I am officially a team member, along with Ken McGoogan. It has been a long, patient road to securing the funding. Now the reality of the Arctic Return Expedition to follow Orkney’s John Rae’s route when he discovered The North West Passage and the fate of the Franklin Expedition.

    Although so much is now written and known about these events, I sure new light will be cast on John Rae’s epic journey.

    Wishing David Reid and the brave team the best of luck and fortune on their quest.

    Andrew Appleby,

    President of The John Rae Society.

  2. Remember… The Arctic Return Expedition is taking with them flags made from designs by St. Margaret’s Hope Primary School and Stromness Primary School.

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