Orkney Holds Revoke Article 50 Demo

By Nick Morrison

Some pictures from the Demo on Saturday 23rd of March –  protestors took to the steps of the St Magnus Cathedral.

Orkney Demo 1Orkney Demo 2Orkney Demo 3Orkney Demo 4

London saw some amazing and record-breaking events on Saturday . Estimates of the anti-Brexit crowd are between 1.5 to 2 million people . At the same time the Revoke Article 50 petition passed 4.1 million making it the most popular ever. Brexit if it ever happens, will be disastrous to Scotland and Orkney in particular . Just one example, our shellfish industry with hundreds of jobs will collapse without access to an untariffed Customs union .

Orkney Resists advertised that they were going to be at the cathedral to enable people who did not have Internet access , to access the Internet to sign the petition . This turned into a mini vigil despite the bitterly cold and blustery conditions .

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