Poetry Corner The Tale Of The Trojan Horse

On the 24th April  1184BC (traditional date)  the Greeks enter the independent city of  Troy under the cover of the Trojan Horse and proceed to capture the city thereby winning the Trojan War.


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The Tale Of The Trojan Horse

At the gates of Troy a wooden horse awaits
“A gift for Pallas Athena”, Sinon the Greek explains
A colossus so big, a piece of the city wall is torn down
strangely enough causing no alarm signal in their brains

Celebrating the end of the war, the villagers dance
The horse as a silent witness to their ignorant bliss
At last the city turns quiet and all Trojans sleep
convinced of their invincibility, a fatal premise

The Greeks lower themselves one by one
from the belly of their ingenious invention
Killing the guards and opening the gates
Their troops marching in with evil intention

Woe people of Troy, how foolish you were
Blinded by this deceptive gift of foes
Ending up being killed or taken as slaves
How pitiful the path you chose!

written by Ingrid de Klerck 

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