Poetry Corner Beautiful Rothesay.

Ken and I are currently doing Scotcations with my Mum and Dad. We are visiting as many different areas as possible with only one stipulation, we don’t go back to the same place twice, until we came to Rothesay that is, here in September and back now in April. A stunning Island even when dull and brooding.

Beautiful Rothesay

Beautiful Rothesay, your scenery is most grand,
You cannot be surpassed in fair Scotland.
Tis healthy for holiday makers, to go there,
For the benefit of their health, by inhaling the pure air

And to hear the innocent birds, on a fine Summer day,
Carolling their sweet songs, so lively and gay,
Therefore, holiday makers, be advised by me,
And visit beautiful Rothesay, by the side of the Sea.

Then sweet Jessie, let us go,
To Scotland’s garden of Eden O!
And spend the lovely Summer day,
In the beautiful village of Rothesay.

There you can see the ships, passing to and fro,
Which will drive away dull care, and woe,
And, the heavens breath smells wooingly there,
Therefore, let’s away dear Jessie, to inhale the balmy air.

The mansions, there, are most beautiful to be seen,
Likewise the trees, and shrubberies, green.
Therefore, we will feel happy and gay,
Walking hand in hand, together the live long day.

Along the beautiful walks with our hearts fu’ cheerie,
My dear love! Until we grow weary.
Then, return home at night, with our spirits light and gay,
After viewing the beautiful scenery of Rothesay

Written by William Topaz McGonagall

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  1. I love Rothesay. My wife and I honeymooned there in the early 1970’s and still go back regularly as day-trippers, which reminds me of the folk song ‘Rothesay-O’ sung here https://youtu.be/6gdFBOwdh0Y by Tom & Jack Alexander. In the video I can spot Auntie Peggy’s single-end attic flat as the Waverley sails on by. Happy days!

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