Deep Down/Fracking

By Bernie Bell

Prompted by an on-line petition which has been launched by a group of Orkney activists, re. climate change and the effect our actions have on the earth, I’m sending this  – a poem by friend Wendy, written when the Chilean miners were stuck down a mine, whilst across the world, others were trying to stem a gushing oil leak.

 Deep Down

The earth is bleeding,

a deep puncture wound,

beyond reach of any surgeon’s hand,

gushing, thick, black viscous gore,

sickly slick, spreading,

more and more,

contaminating, clogging,

sticking to all

it touches.


Small figures and crafts

scamper round the carnage,

like frantic ants,

whose homely mound

has been kicked,

burst open and

spread over the ground,

desperate to save

their babies.


Chemically sprayed ,

the multiplying masses

are scattered

by wind and wave,

detergents disseminate

in swirling current,

no healing coagulates

can naturally stave

the process.


Pathetic attempts

to stem the flow

repeatedly fail,

but, eventually, slow

then stop

the breach,

the cost, we know

will continue

to grow.


Thousands of miles,

across sea and land,

high in the mountains,

deep underground,

another drama unfolds

to the world

a message of hope

cries out to be heard:

we 33 are OK in the shelter.


Forget exploration,

forget exploitation,

there’s something more precious

to find,

a conduit, a channel,

a tunnel of light,

struck down through the earth,

on the tide

of human spirit


A beam, a beacon

shining so bright,

it banishes the darkness,

puts fear to flight;

with faith

and patient dignity,

in the face

of such plight:

we, the 33, have returned.


Two giant conglomerations

technological stratifications,

one drilling, through greed and pain,

one bringing to life, again,

death and life,

so closely matched,

desperate drilling,

down and down,

the need is great,

a powerful draw,

below the ocean,

beneath the ground;

a question

hangs over us,



Did we listen

have we heard

something shifting

conscience stirred?


Remember the dead,

remember those saved,

pray that Humanity

will emerge from the cave,

and step


the light.

Wendy Alford             October 2010

fracking banner

This banner was made by friend Sally and and her friend, Michelle, to take to anti-fracking demonstrations in London.  Wendy and Sally share a concern and love for the earth, and connection with the earth.

It’s all to do with the Powers That Be, appearing to be hell-bent on destroying the planet, through greed – but plenty of folk are equally determined to stop them doing so, if at all possible.  People Power.

You can access the petition, here …….  Declare a Climate Emergency – Orkney


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