Mainland Mainland at Northlight 19th May – 11th June

From the 19th May until 11th June guest curator Meg Telfer will present a programme of artworks called Mainland Mainland at the Northlight Gallery, Stromness. This will involve artists working in Mainland Orkney and Mainland Caithness and Sutherland (and The Sea Between).

From Orkney are:

  • Frances Pelly
  • Kerrianne Flett
  • Fiona Sanderson

and from Caithness and Sutherland:

  • Michael Bullen
  • Susie MacKenzie
  • Rhona Graham
  • Meg Telfer.

They work in a range of media – ceramics, glass, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. All work in the show will be for sale.

The artists will be the same throughout the show but Meg will be changing the work at least once and probably more during the show. Keeping it fresh for the local community, it’s up for quite a long time.

 Meg Telfer

Meg Telfer image

Meg’s degree from Gray’s School of Art is in Sculpture but her practice since leaving Art School has been painting, printmaking and, since early 2000, she has added painting and fusing glass.

Meg taught Art & Design for over 30 years in the Central Belt. Since moving north to settle in Skerray, Sutherland, in 1991, she has remained involved in Art.

“This is a new and exciting venture for me. I have been hung and helped hang many exhibitions over the years but never had the pleasure of curating one. This is going to be a great experience for me and I hope everyone that comes along enjoys the show”. Meg Telfer

About the artists:

Caithness & Sutherland 

 Michael Bullen, Lybster, Glass Artist

Specialises in Glass Painting, coming to Northlands in 2006 from his job as a Stained Glass Conservator at Lincoln Cathedral.

The glass for the show will be cast glass.

Suzie MacKenzie, Loth near Helmsdale, Printmaker

Specialises in Collagraph Printmaking, her subject matter is the landscape of the Far North.

She has just brought out a book on Collagraph Techniques and is currently doing an Art & Archaeology module at UHI Orkney.

Rhona Graham, Skerray,Painter

Rhona almost exclusively paints rocks and the sea from her studio overlooking Skerray Harbour.

Meg Telfer, Skerray, artist working with Mixed Media, Painting & Glass

Meg specialises on Sea, Sand, Land and Sky – always with the horizon taking central stage.

She is also currently doing the Art &Archaeology module at UHI Orkney.


 Frances Pelly, Evie, Sculptor & Printmaker

Frances is putting new work in both mediums into the show. Local landscape features strongly in her work

Kerrianne Flett, Stromness, Ceramicist

Kerrianne is an artist who experiments with Porcelain clay, making pots and sculptural forms to experience the materiality of the mediumwhich, when fired, is both delicate and very strong with acoustic properties.

Fiona Sanderson, Stromness, Metalworker

Fiona is descended from generations of Lighthouse Keepers and her work also focuses on the sea and shore.

She is also doing the course at UHI Orkney.

Mainland Mainland

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