Lothian Buses: Route 100

Nick’s been in Edinburgh

By Nick Morrison

On earlier trips to Edinburgh I have been favourably impressed by the cleanliness and availability of Lothian buses .

Lothian Bus 4

On our last trip to Edinburgh I was even more impressed by the 100 service. This runs primarily between the airport and the centre of Edinburgh (Waverley Station). It stops at many places between such as the Zoo and Murrayfield for example .

Lothian Bus 1

What was really impressive was the level of information on the on board screens on the bus.

Lothian Bus 2

This comprises six screens which give the flight information of Edinburgh airport .

Lothian Bus 5

This information is also broadcast by voice in the bus as well as appearing as text on the screen . When it is broadcasting information there is another screen with a lady saying the same thing in sign language for the hard of hearing .

Lothian Bus 3

Whilst it is primarily there for airport traffic many locals were observed using intermediate stops . There is obviously some kind of receiver in the bus to enable the screens to be updated in real time , up to and including the expected delay through security . We were also pleased to observe that many passengers took the trouble to thank the driver .

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  1. Oh, I love those screens when I’m on that bus. I’m deaf, so I’d be lost without them.

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