Border Land: A New Album By Simon McCorry

Border Land is the new album by cellist and composer Simon McCorry.

Border Land Simon McCorry

Originally born in London to mixed Indian/British heritage, Simon McCorry trained in cello at The Centre for Young Musicians & Morley College then studied philosophy at Durham University. He is now based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The album is a rich combination of field recordings, adept loop-based cello compositions and atmospheric improvisations that explore the rich sonic possibilities of the cello through a host of treatments and effects chains.

The field recording material for Sacred Geometries and Not One Thing came from a road trip to  Westray, Orkney. In Not One Thing there is a recording taken from wind blowing through a metal gate to a lighthouse on Noup Head.

The gate was singing. It had three holes either from missing screws or where it rusted in the elements. These emitted three different pitches which interacted in an unpredictably pleasant way. That evening I listened to Don Cherry’s Organic Music, it felt that in some ways he was emulating the way that gate played. No metronomic pulse and unpredictable. Simon McCorry

Speaking about his musical influences Simon  McCorry said:

“Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 had a profound effect on me. I loved the strange, otherworldly super minimal sound worlds and the way the compositions subtly contort the duration of time”.

Describing his own music he said:

“My music is durational and mostly inward looking, and there seems to be an increasing need and desire for moments of calm in a crazy world that’s bombarded with disparate information”.

Border Land will be available from June 14th, you can pre order it : Border Land by Simon McCorry

Simon McCorry also has some live dates still left 

  • 25th May – St Laurence’s Church, Stroud as part of the Stroud Jazz Festival
  • 13th June– Silencio Festival, Cafe Kino, Bristol,
  • 15th June – Camp Elsewhere near Port Talbot


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