#deniedmyvote : EU Citizens Turned Away from UK Polling Stations

Michael Russell  Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in EuropeMichael Russell, Constitutional Relations Secretary in the Scottish Government has written to  the UK Minister for the Cabinet Office David Liddington and the Electoral Commission after receiving  reports that EU citizens living in the UK were denied the right to vote during the European Elections.

The letter states:

“It is a disgrace that in addition to the uncertainties that EU citizens have had to endure, over the last almost 3 years since the EU referendum, some have been denied their right to vote in the European Parliament Election. We want EU citizens in Scotland to feel settled and secure, and to continue to feel welcome and valued in Scotland. This debacle will do nothing to ease their concerns.

“We also have first-hand reports of EU citizens being unable to vote even though they had completed and returned the forms on time. I would ask you to investigate the scale of this problem which may have arisen due to the lack to time in the run up to the election. If you require evidence of this many instances were described online under #deniedmyvote

Michael Russell has called for an inquiry into the disenfranchisement of so many citizens.

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  1. What? What? What?
    The sooner this mess gets sorted out, the better. Then we can all get on with our lives, living them, working together, as part of the European community.
    What a load of ********
    Brexit ********

  2. Sorry – here I go again – I’m so angry about this.
    After all the work people put into getting the vote for ordinary people, and then for women, as a basic citizens right, these people are denied their vote, though they are citizens of the European community, because they are not in their ‘home country’. Is this some kind of assumption, that Britain won’t be in Europe? If so – well, we are in Europe now, so – they had the right to vote.
    Is it an assumption that we won’t be in Europe – or is it just a big cock-up? Either way, these people have not been able to vote, which could, possibly, influence the outcome of the elections, which means that democracy, and the whole voting system, has been thrown out the window.
    I am furious – how must they feel?

    • Bernie, Bernie, easy now watch the blood pressure. You are right of course but why could they not have completed a declaration (like a Landing Card), which the Polling Agent could have attached to the person’s voting slip???

      Ah, but wait a minute that’s too simple for Wastemonster where the philosophy is to make it as difficult as possible.

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