As Scotland Votes Remain – It’s a Brexit Britain

All the results for the European Parliament Elections are now in for Scotland with the exception of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar which will begin counting on Monday.

The 6 MEPs who are elected for Scotland will be :

The SNP 

  • Alyn Smith
  • Christian Allard
  • Aileen McLeod

The Brexit Party

  • Louis Stedman-Bruce

The Liberal Democrats

  • Sheila Ritchie

The Conservatives

  • Baroness Nosheena Mobarik

The votes were counted at local authority level then added together to give a Scottish result. The SNP won in every seat in the Scottish Mainland with only Orkney and Shetland holding on to the LibDems.

Here is the result for Orkney 

Orkney EU election result

The turnout in Orkney was 38.3%.

It was a dreadful night for Labour in Scotland who lost 2 seats and sees the excellent David Martin not returning to the European  political stage.

The picture is completely different in rUK.

The results for England and Wales are:

  • Brexit Party 28 seats
  • LibDem 15 seats
  • Labour 10 seats
  • Green 7 seats
  • Conservatives 3 seats
  • UKIP 0 seats
  • Change UK 0 Seats

The results for Northern Ireland were still to come in at time of publishing

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. At first I thought – “Oh no – 28 seats, that’s a big majority over the other parties – more people want Brexit, than don’t want Brexit.”
    Then I turned my brain on, and added up the other seats, which comes to 35.
    So, more people actually don’t want Brexit, than do. We just need to pull together.
    Ever Hopeful.

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