Maree Todd MSP Hits Out At The UK Government’s Disastrous Record on Welfare

83%  of assessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in Orkney  have been successfully challenged by people  since April 2013. 60 People who should rightly have been paid, were initially refused but won their case on appeal.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can help people with some of the extra costs if they have long term ill-health or a disability.  The amount received depends on how their condition affects them and  not the condition itself.

After filling in a form from the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) people then have to go through an assessment process. The assessment is not carried out by someone who knows them and their condition or their doctor.

Figures obtained under freedom of information laws show assessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) have been successfully challenged by people in Orkney since April 2013.

PIP is being rolled-out across the UK to replace Living Allowance (DLA) as the main benefit for disabled or ill people. To receive this benefit, claimants have to endure controversial assessments, conducted by private companies on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Maree ToddLocal MSP Maree Todd, SNP said:

“Disabled people in Orkney rely on these financial lifelines to live independently and be part of their community.

“For the DWP to get these cases so consistently wrong suggests a systematic hostility towards people in need.

“The Tory government’s punitive approach to the system simply isn’t working. It’s failing vulnerable people, withdrawing support from those who need it most, and leaving people out of pocket and unable to afford the basic essentials.

“The UK government’s disastrous record on welfare shows why Scotland should have the power to take our own approach – rather than leaving these powers at Westminster.

“In the meantime, it’s vital that these fundamental flaws in the current assessment appeals process are urgently addressed.”

Click on this link to view Professor Alston’s report to the United Nations on the appalling rise of  poverty in the UK. A ‘Harsh & Uncaring’ UK – The Alston Report

Last week a committee of the Scottish Parliament was alarmed to learn that the new Help  to Claim process being delivered for the DWP by Citizens Advice Scotland will not protect the date of claim. ‘Help to Claim’ Service Cannot Protect Date of Claim

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