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Pharos Open Day Kirkwall 22nd June 2019

Saturday Open Event on the Pharos.

The ship looked great in the sunlight, silhouetted by a Blue Orkney SkylinePharos Ship 5

The Orkney News boarded and were welcomed by the crew, they were polite, courteous and informative. We were directed to the upper decks to see a very impressive ship.

One of the favourites was the Helipad, for the children(grown up also included) which was brilliant. Pharos heli 2

Kids loved this(old & new) in fact here’s more pics dav

Moving on upwards, we reached several decks with various viewsdav

Pharos Ship 4

Pharos Crane 3

This one of the onboard cranes is capable of lifting 30 tonnes from not just the Stern, also Port & Starboard as the ship adjusts the ballast.

Also onboard was the bell from the:SMS Von Der Tank

S. M. S. VON DER TANK. a Battle Cruiser.

Here is the Director of Operations, Phil Day explaining what the Pharos operations are.

Here is a few pics on the tour of the ship

Thank you to all on board, it was a pleasant and enjoyable day for all.

The crew were a credit to the overall experience, thank you one & all.


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