Poetry Corner: Dreaming

On 30th of June 1940 Germany invaded the undefended Channel Islands. They were to remain occupied until 9th of May 1945.

German soldiers in Channel Islands

Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-228-0326-34A

Dreaming By G.

The sun is warm again on English hills and dales

And wakes to life the Scottish brakes and braes;

But still we dream of Guernsey’s emerald fields and vales,

The jade and pearl of Sarnia’s sheltered bays.

In dreams we hear the gentle waves caress the shore,

We scent the fragrance of the laden breeze,

We see the cliffs all gleaming  brightly as of yore,

A blaze of gold above the silver seas.


In dreams the day has dawned for us when morning glow

Shines on the walls of Castle, College, Fort –

On crowded deck, on narrowing waters cleft below,

On those red roofs of our St Peter Port.

How near has grown the ancient church, the market hall,

How near the waiting throng upon the quay,

The waving hands, the eager word, the welcoming call

When those long parted are restored  – and free.

Written by an evacuee – G 





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