The Digger’s Weather Forecast

By Bernie Bell

The Orkney archaeological dig season is in full swing. The Cairns dig has been active for three weeks now, . The Swandro dig, on Rousay, started last week , and the covers came off the Ness of Brodgar   on the 1st July!  So far, the weather has been – patchy,  with periods of quite dreadful.  So, here’s hoping for some perfect digging weather……….

The Digger’s Weather Forecast

Overcast, but with good light,

Not so bright that it will dazzle.

Blue skies, hot sun can give a tan,

But can also frazzle.

A gentle breeze, to foil the midges

And cool us as we work.

No howling gales and thrashing rain

To turn the site to mire,

That’s all we ask, us Orkney diggers,

That’s all that we desire.


Oh – and to find things!

The Cairns B Bell

A nice, cool, overcast day at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay

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    If you do go along – weather permitting – you could take a look at the dig site, DONATE, then take a walk ……………

    And, if you’re a robust sort of person, you could even walk right along the coast to the Eagle Cairn, and back. From a broch, to a cairn, with a gloup in between.
    A grand day out, Gromit.

    AND THERE’S MORE……….the dig at Skaill Farm, on Rousay, starts on Monday, too…………

    Which can link with the Swandro dig, and………….

    Another grand day out – Orkney has many!

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