Professor Mike Elliott: Marine Sciences & Management

By Nick Morrison

Mike Elliott Professor of Esturine and Coastal Sciences at Hull University gave a presentation at the ICIT campus on the science of management of coastal areas last Tuesday .

Prof Mike Elliott 1

It became rapidly apparent that this is a hugely complex  area to study . This is partly due to the many and sometimes conflicting activities that take place in this zone .

# Fishing for fish and shellfish

# Fish farms

# Aggregate extraction

# Oil and gas extraction

# Sewage effluent dumping

# Floating and fixed wind turbines

# Tidal current turbines

# Global warming

# Brexit

The above list is merely some of the activities which take place in the sea. And analysis of the impact these forces will have on the coastal zone is currently being done for both the Scottish and Westminster governments .  There has been some concentration on the coast of Belgium . The coastline is only 60 km long . Mike Elliott said that if they can’t get that right no one else stands a chance .

Prof Mike Elliott 2

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