Linsey Drever: Generations Working Together

Linsey Drever is the Orkney Network Co-ordinator for Generations Working Together. Linsey has been recognised for the outstanding work she has been doing and was the runner up for intergenerational coordinator 2019.

Linsey Drever

In this  interview Kate finds out about Linsey and why she volunteers for Generations Working Together.

Kate – “First of all, congratulations on winning the award. What was your reaction?”

Linsey- “Thank you very much. I was totally shocked and delighted to receive the award of merit.”

Kate –“Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what did you do before volunteering for GWT?”

Linsey- “I live on Orkney, married with 2 grown up sons. Have 3 dogs, 5 cats and 2 ponies! Love sewing, gardening and reading. GWT runs alongside my job as Adult Befriending Service Co-Ordinator”.

Kate -’‘How did you find out about Generations Working Together? Have you been involved in any coordinating or volunteering before?’‘

Linsey-“I’ve been involved with GWT or the Centre of Intergenerational Practise as it used to be since the very beginning. We realised that we were already carrying out IG within our Befriending service but didn’t have a name for. For my post grad in volunteering management my final thesis I chose to look at Ig work long before it became well known. I muttered every time I had to spell Intergenerational and was so glad when I thought I would never have to write” Intergenerational” again…little did I know then how big a part it would play in my life!”

Kate – ‘‘Are you from Orkney, if not how long have you been based in the area?”

Linsey-“Yes from Orkney, an Orcadian Mum and a Shetland Dad so a true Northern Isles person!”

Kate – ‘‘Your nomination says that you have grown the network over the last few years that you have been involved. Can you tell us how this happened and what the network was like when you joined at first?”

Linsey-“The GWT network had come to a bit of a standstill, not many people were attending the meetings. When I took over the network I knew there was a huge amount of IG work being carried out locally and was determined to get as many people involved as I could. I picked up the phone and spoke to people, explained what the network was and what support we could give. Sent out emails to everyone I could think of that might have an interest.”

Kate – ‘‘How often does your GWT network meet up?’‘

Linsey-“We meet up twice a year”.

Kate – ‘‘What has been a highlight for you in the network?’‘

Linsey-“Seeing new projects starting up as a direct result of the GWT Network meetings and being lucky enough to go along and join in and watch them grow.”

Kate – ‘‘Is there a best way to highlight local projects and have there been any challenges?’‘

Linsey-“We use social media to share good news stories and word of mouth. It’s sometimes difficult to get people along to the meetings as many people work during the day”.

Kate – ‘‘What is the main aim of the meetings?’‘

Linsey-“To keep everyone updated but the most important thing for me is the networking. Getting people together and getting new projects underway.”

Kate -’‘What are the network’s plans for the future?’‘

Linsey-“To keep spreading the word and building up the network. 😊”

Generations Working Together provides information, delivers support and encourages involvement to benefit all of Scotland’s generations, by working, learning, volunteering and living together.


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