Fernvalley Tearoom: Food Review

By Aife

Fernvalley 1

Fernvalley Tearoom unsurprisingly is situated at the Fernvalley Wildlife Rescue Centre in Rendall. Take the road down to the Tingwall ferry for Rousay and turn off to the right before you get to Tingwall itself.

Lunch for Two

  • 1 Orkney cheese sandwich  £3.95
  • 1 Orkney cheese sandwich with spring onions £3.95
  • 1 slice of chocolate cake £2.40
  • 1 slice of strawberry and vanilla cake £2.40
  • 1 appletise £1.50
  • 1 black coffee £2.10
  • Total £16.30

Fernvalley sandwich

The sandwiches were freshly prepared and served with a crisp refreshing salad and some crisps.

Fernvalley sponge cake

The cakes were totally amazing – exceeding expectations.

The coffee served comes from the Orkney Roastery. Indeed I was impressed at the use wherever possible of local products.

The menu has a very good selection of lunchtime choices and I overheard one customer getting excited to be able to select eggy bread. I also saw the beans on toast which was  served to a fellow diner – it was massive.

There is a children’s menu and they do a High Tea for two which looked good for £18.

Where you sit is pleasant. It is on two levels. The upper level has lovely views over the bay to one side and to the other, the lemurs will keep you fascinated.

The staff are very friendly and polite. Food and drinks are served in a random collection of traditional crockery.

There is an ample car park outside but it was getting quite busy as we left. This is a great place to go for something to eat, especially when the toon is cruise ship busy. A good choice too if you have visitors and would like them to taste Orkney products.

Fernvalley Tearoom has its own Facebook page, separate from the wildlife centre which you can check out by clicking on this link: Fernvalley Tearoom

Fernvalley view to Tingwall

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