Hae A Seat in Kirkwall

There’s a fair few new places in the toon that you can hae a seat oot o doors if the weather is kindly to ye.

There’s yins put in by Kirkwall BID.

Kirkwall improvements bench BID

And a right bonnie one in memory of Steven Miller.

Kirkwall improvements bench Steven Miller

Ye’ll also have noticed some striking ones pairt o’ Kirkwall’s improvements.

These yins are at the tap o Castle Street and have some very snazzy information boards too wi a bit more aboot the history o’ Kirkwall for ye.

Kirkwall improvements info board

There’s quite a few of them aboot and they go wi an App ye can download for free.

Kirkwall History & Heritage on Google Play

Kirkwall History & Heritage on Apple

There’s changes doon at the Harbour whar the launches fae the cruise ships ferry folks intae.

Kirkwall improvements seat 2

A fair lot o seating here.

Kirkwall improvements seats 1

And there’s the bonnie tubs o floo’ers planted aboot on the pavements makin it mair interestin if yer tryin to gang aboot – hae’in a wee bit o dodge to get aroond them.

Kirkwall improvements tubs

An some things are takin a whiley tae get used tae – for drivers and folks on their feet.

Kirkwall improvements Castle St

But ye know when they get it right.

Kirkwall improvements war memorial

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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