Do You Want A Local Abattoir Service?

A survey is being carried out to determine what demand there would be for a mobile abattoir  for the Highlands and Islands.

They need to know what the demand would be – so that includes fallen stock – and what business plans could be if farmers can start producing meat for sale again.

“The crofting, smallholding and farming community play an important role in providing locally sourced, high quality meat, but we are also aware of the challenges that are faced by the sector overall. We are keen to discuss not only the issues, but potential ideas on how to make mobile abattoirs work.

“If you are part of this community and have views on this, or are potentially interested in utilising a mobile abattoir, we ask you to get in touch for an informal discussion, and/or to complete a survey.

“At this stage, we are looking at the extent of the demand for mobile abattoirs in Scotland, rather than any firm commitments”.

You can access the survey here by clicking on this link: Mobile Abattoir Research

Orkney farmer Jane Cooper said:

“Local abattoirs are the missing segment upon which the entire circle of thriving, productive, growing, economically viable communities in the remote areas of Scotland is totally reliant.”

The research has been commissioned by the Scottish Government and is confidential. If you would like to find out more  or would like to discuss this research in greater detail, please contact Brian Menzies on 01569 764883 or


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