Berriedale, Caithness And Its Ancient Past

The major road improvements at the Berriedale Braes, Caithness, on the A9 have revealed secrets kept hidden for thousands of years.

During a visit to the site to view the progress of the project, Michael Matheson, Transport Secretary in the Scottish Government got the chance to view some of the archaeological finds which have been discovered.

Berriedale artefacts 1

The area where the improvements are taking place was once the site of a seasonal camp dating as far back as the Mesolithic period in 6,000 BC.

Finds include flints,small tools,  the remains of small shelters and fires indicating the use of the site for hunting, working with animal hides and other daily tasks.

Michael Matheson said:

“The finds unearthed here at Berriedale Braes are truly fascinating and provide a rare glimpse into Scotland’s ancient past. Indeed, the archaeologists believe the finds are all that survive of some of the earliest traces of humans to have lived in the area and provide evidence of life in the far north of Scotland thousands of years ago.

“The discoveries which could have remained uncovered had works not progressed on the A9 Berriedale Braes project underline the importance of the value we place on meeting our environmental obligations as we plan and construct essential new infrastructure.”

Berridale mesolithic artefacts

The artefacts will go on show at the Dunbeath Heritage Museum.

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