Keto Diet Update

By Nick Morrison

I had lost 3 pounds in the first week of this diet .Keto Diets

Upon further research I would seem to be following more like the high-protein  version of the keto diet .

I shall in future be using our bathroom scales as they are remarkably close to the Pickie scales .

  • Standard keto diet is 75% fat 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates .
  • The cyclical keto diet is the keto diet for five days and eat normally two .
  • The high-protein version is 60% fat 35% protein and 5% carbohydrates .

Other reported health benefits to the keto diet are improvement in heart disease, epilepsy , acne .

Here as promised is the actual fat content of my body . This was measured on the Pickie centres Tenita body composition analyser . Weight 97.9 Kg / 215.8 lb.

  • Fat Mass 33.9 Kg
  • Fat percent 34.6            Desirable range  13 to 25 percent.
  • Visceral fat rating  22
  • BMR 7920 Kj.

It is the Visceral fat rating that worries Doctors and especially surgeons . It is this fat that is accumulated around internal organs .

This coming week is going to be difficult as we are about to go into the Science Festival , I think after the science festival I will dig out my old Webbing Belt and apply it and see how we go from there .

keto diet 3

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  1. I bought and paid for a month of this diet but still haven’t found the mindset to get on with it. I’m glad to see it’s working for you. I just need that final push.

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