By Bernie Bell

Orkney Archaeology Society  https://orkneyarchaeologysociety.org.uk/  used to send out their calendars, in a single-use plastic wrapper, inside a light-weight cardboard envelope.  Being plastic pollution conscious, once they’ve used up the plastic wrappers they have in stock,  they intend to ditch the plastic, and just use the – re-cyclable – cardboard envelopes.

So, O.A.S. are caring for the future, as well as the past!

calendar Orkney Archaeology Society Bell

The calendar would make a good Christmas present, coming, as it does, with a protective cardboard envelope, all ready for sending on to archaeologically-minded friends and family!  Can’t go wrong.

The calendars are available from the O.A.S. on-line shop on their website, and will also be for sale at the Brochtoberfest on Saturday, 19th of October, from 10 am in the Orkney College, Kirkwall. and at the VAO Charities fair which is on the 1st Saturday of November, along with other OAS goodies and books  – good timing for buying archaeology-related  pressies!

If every organization, and every individual, thought about the unnecessary plastic they are using, and took action in the kind of way which the OAS has done, it would help a lot towards dealing with the problem of plastic pollution.


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  1. YIKES!!! The Saturday bit of the Brochtoberfest, is being held in The Orkney College, Kirkwall, this year, not the St. Magnus Centre.
    Possibly wishful thinking – I likes the St. Magnus Centre.

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