Transitioning to Sustainable Palm Oil Production

Many of the products we buy contain palm oil often without us realising it. The Orkney News has reported previously on the issues surrounding the mass growth in palm oil production.deforestation caused by palm oil cultivationPalm Oil: Why Should I Care?

Including what happened last Christmas when the store chain Iceland published the advert Rang Tans Story. The advert was banned.  You can read about that here: Rang-Tans Story

There is positive news to share. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports that:

In the Malaysian state of Sabah, the government has committed to certifying all of its palm oil to RSPO standards by 2025, no further deforestation for oil palm expansion and  has pledged to increase protected area coverage to 30% of its land by 2025. 

The WWF is supporting palm oil growers to transition towards sustainable production and create wildlife corridors that allow wildlife to move more freely, reduce crop damage and ensure humans and species can thrive together.

Bornean orangutan

Palm Oil production is an important crop for many farmers in emerging economies and working with them to find sustainable production methods is the way forward.

Before you buy check the packaging it will tell you if the palm oil has been grown using sustainable methods.

Here’s a reminder of why it is important:

Orangutan Christmas

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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