Match Funding Needed  For The Hall Of Clestrain

By Bernie Bell

I received a message  from the John Rae Society,  telling of how the JRS has entered an extremely exciting and important phase, where match funding is required to help create a development plan to ensure that the project for the restoration of the Hall of Clestrain is sustainable, and to enable them to apply for further grants. With the support of the public, this will place the Society in a favourable position to confidently apply for the necessary large-scale funding needed for the next stage of the restoration of the Hall of Clestrain.

Hall of Clestrain

Handing over the keys (B Bell) The Hall of Clestrain, Orphir, Orkney – home of John Rae and his family, now undergoing restoration.

Included in the information accompanying this plea, is the best film I’ve yet seen of the Hall – it really is a beauty, and does full justice to the Hall, which, even as it stands – in much need of repair – is an appealing and impressive structure.

I’ll admit that various factors prompted me to put this together for possible inclusion in The Orkney News, and one of those was the desire to share this little film with folk, as it shows – not only the Hall – but also its situation, to great advantage.

Another factor is – as my Mum used to say – “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”  So I thought I’d send out this plea/begging letter/appeal, and – keep my fingers crossed!

Even if you don’t choose to donate, this time – I hope you enjoy the film, and that it will entice you to come to Orkney,  visit the Hall of Clestrain, and find out more about the exceptional  Dr. John Rae…

Here’s Hoping!

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